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About Dixon Law

At Dixon Law, you talk with your lawyer –

John Dixon.

Accountability for results

At large plaintiffs’ personal injury firms, your case is most often primarily worked, and you speak with, a paralegal or employee attorney of the firm. At Dixon Law, I work on every case, your case, with the support of a capable paralegal and administrative staff, and I own the results for you. The buck always stops with me as the owner of the practice and your attorney. LOOK NO FURTHER for responsibility for the outcome of your case, updates or just checking in. I WILL be available to talk with you.

Straight answers for your straight questions.

I will give you STRAIGHT ANSWERS about the value of your case, whether you should get a lawyer in the first place, and what relative strengths Dixon Law brings to your representation versus other law firms. I will do my best so that you do not feel like you were “managed” to keep expectations low so that any outcome seems like a big success. I will always give you a real time assessment of the case with the understanding and context of what can go well and what can go wrong.

About Dixon Law

You are entitled to expectations- and we know it

No case is a guarantee – BUT ALL CASES ARE NOT VASTLY DIFFERENT. In most situations, you are entitled to a simple explanation of likely outcomes and scenarios instead of waiting in the dark for your lawyer “to work his or her magic.” Like most other things in life, personal injury law is not rocket science, and I work hard to be a strong, reliable advocate and attorney for you, not a magician.

You never come out of pocket – we get paid only as a percentage of your money damages award.

We only get paid if and when you get paid.

And the money comes from the insurance company or the defendant – if the individual has SUBSTANTIAL ASSETS in excess of the policy and the circumstances warrant it.

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